Support our future priests through the I Will Give You Shepherds campaign

Priests are essential to our Catholic faith, as only these holy men can transform bread and wine into the life-giving Body and Blood of Christ. Although the number of priests has been on the decline for decades, the Diocese of Joliet has been blessed with an abundance of vocations to the priesthood.

Currently, our diocese has 23 men in seminary formation, which costs $50,000 a year per seminarian. To ensure we are always able to support our seminarians both prayerfully and financially, the Diocese of Joliet has launched the I Will Give You Shepherds campaign. The weekend of November 12 & 13, envelopes will be in the pews for this campaign. Gifts will be invested in an endowment designated specifically for seminarian education.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this campaign. To learn more about this campaign, or to make a gift online, please go to